A monster

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A Fan of KPOP. Watch out, I'm BTS ARMY ^^

Name : Najla Najihah/نجلا نجيهه
Known as : Najla/Jela
Age : 16 years old.
DOB 14 March 2001
Country : Malaysia.
Fav. Colour : soft pink, blue & black is a must.
fav. food&drink : something edible and it must delicious
Language : Malay, English and Arabic. 
Hobby : nak tanya ada tak hobi yang bernama fangirling wups
I Like  : Watching korean variety shows, dramas 24/7 365, listening korean songs, make photo editing, eating a lot of foods and travelling. lol, ok. 

I would love to add these --- Insanely and critically always watching kpop, watch kpop poster every 5 minutes and yeah they ruined my life sorry not sorry